SINAPSE is a collaboration of researchers across the world involved in the field of Neuroengineering. The PIs are from Singapore (National University of Singapore), USA (Johns Hopkins University and University of Houston), Greece (University of Patras), and Brazil (FEELT - UFU).  The research focus areas are Neuroprosthetics and BMI, Neurochip, Neiurodevices, Neurophotonics, Bio-Robotics, Neuromodulation, Cognitive Engineering, Clinical Neuroengineering. SINAPSE researchers are interested in both basic and translational research, wishing to make basic science and engineering contribution, as well as translate research and technology into commercializable technologies and clinical solutions. SINAPSE Laboratory is open and eager to collaborate and encourages inquiries from research academic collaborators, potential industry/clinical partners, and interested postdoctoral fellows and students,    

 SINAPSE brings together engineers, scientists and clinical researchers with a common goal of making an impact on society. SINAPSE focuses on Neurotechnologies for basic science, clinical application and commercialization. 

 Our overarching vision is to house, under one inspirational roof, research at the frontiers of cognitive science, technology development, and clinical and commercial translation. SINAPSE brings together basic scientists, computational scientists, experimentalists and clinicians, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Foundation of SINAPSE research: fundamental work involved in the frontiers of neuroscience, engineering, and medicine will enable discoveries and innovative solutions for the society.