Cognitive Engineering group organizes Minisymposium at EMBC 2019

Prof. Tassos Bezerianos will be organizing and chairing the Minisymposium titled 'Trustiness between Human and Intelligent Assistive Devices' at the  41stInternational Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, to be held in Berlin, Germany from July 23–27, 2019. 

The theme of the Symposium is at the boundary between humans and machines, directed

toward achieving a seamless coexistence between humans and intelligent assistive machines. We plan to

address the challenges of: (i) Accurate sensing of humans’ environmental state, and control algorithms

for soft exoskeletons; (ii) Real-time bi-directional communication channels between man and machine,

that will take feedback to learn, and model not just language but emotions as well; (iii) Systems based

on cognitive models, capable of assessing, learning, and making shared decisions in uncertain and unpredictable environments, (iv) building cooperation and trust between humans and machines on testbeds

or platform solutions for stroke rehabilitation, emulating stroke patients’ natural environments.

Symposium speakers will present research work and state of the art of the science of disability

(physical, communication, cognition) including algorithms for communication between humans and

machines, research the theory of adaptive control, interaction, and trust between humans and machines

and, finally, novel approaches to brain-machine interfaces. 

The Minisymposium will take place on Thursday, July 25 2:00-3:30pm. 

The list of speakers includes:

- Prof. Fabio Babiloni (University of Rome Sapienza)

- Prof. Tassos Bezerianos (NUS)

- Dr.. Andrei Dragomir (NUS)

- Prof. Cuntai Guan (Nanyang Technical University, Singapore)

- Prof. Nitish Thakor (NUS)